OUSAMA RAWI bsc, csc



Ousama (Ossi) Rawi

My passion for photography started at a very early age.  I was completely fascinated with the art of photography and by my early teens my passion had evolved to cinematography.

After completing my education in Scotland I enthusiastically embarked on a self-study program to learn all aspects of photography and cinematography. My introduction to the film business was as an apprentice at a Commercials production company in London, where a great deal of my time was spent making tea. In between the “tea breaks” I had many an opportunity to observe and absorb the workings of a film set and more importantly, observe many notable DP’s whose work I admired perform their magic.

My professional career began in the UK at Border Television in Carlisle, first as a newsreel cameraman and later shooting documentaries. I left Carlisle and went to London in order to find work as a freelance DP. After securing some work shooting shorts, I managed to segue into filming commercials. Eventually I was working on Commercials in many other European cities. My transition to long form feature films was a result of occasionally working with Features Directors who were also directing commercials.

A job shooting a feature film in Canada resulted in my getting involved as a partner with some local producers in a newly established Commercials production company in Toronto and relocating from London.  The company quickly became very successful and over the course of several years I shot commercials in Canada, the United States and Europe receiving numerous awards including Clios, Advertising Club of New York, Film and Television Festival of New York, Cannes Advertising Film Festival, London International Advertising Award, British Television Advertising Award, Mondial – Paris Award, Canadian Bessies, and others.

After braving many cold winters in Toronto, I relocated to Los Angeles where I now reside but still keep my connections with Canada and the UK.  I am fluent in Arabic (3 dialects) and Turkish. 

My work includes projects for: Showtime, NBC, ABC, Fox, Lifetime, TNT, Canal Plus, National Geographic Channel, Columbia Tri-Star, as well as a number of independent film productions.

Guild memberships:   IATSE Local 600     IATSE Local 667     DGA

I have been honoured with an EMMY Award, CSC Awards, ASC nominations, as well as Gemini Awards. A full list of awards and nominations is available HERE